Here are some links that are related to the backgrounds of our work: - about the life and work of the researcher and promoter of the senses. - Background for inversion - Inversion for sale - alles zum Spielen und Gestalten, was Siebei uns nicht finden. All you need to play and create and cannot find on our - what a drop of water reveals: the site of researcher Professoer Kroeplin - Alexander Lauterwasser´s fascinating pictures and research on water and its revelations - the site of water researcher Andreas Schulz -  Institute for Flow Research in the Black Forest. Many good developments for the water in the recent decades go back to the research of this prestigious institution - Rhythm Research and Technology - How an oloid works

And some of our Friends or links of interest: - Ingo Sparr, photographer of allmost every picture on this site

Communities - Islands where another world is possible - Zentrum für experimentelle Gesellschaftsgestaltung - The Findhorn Community. Scotland - Auroville, India