All physical manifestations - man, animals, plants, minerals, forests, lakes, mountains, seas, and continents- reveal themselves in the polarity between heaven and earth, in the play of light and shadow, pull and push, decreasing and increasing, straight and curved line. They are formed in mysterious processes which are related to human thinking and human creativity.


In working with these phenomena, man is confronted at the level of the senses with the forces behind creation and he is involved with them as a thinking and willing being. Holistic thinking and acting, which are strongly demanded by our times, are developed. Anyone who follows the impulses set by our products and plays with them, experiences an intensification of their regenerative effects. Through the engagement of all the senses, Schiller’s words are fulfilled, as stated in his „Letters on the Aesthetic Education of Man“: “Man plays only where he is human in the fullest sense of the word, and he is only fully human where he plays.”


Our products nurture the senses wich develop upon fine nuances such as those found in wood, not on the violent colors used in children´s toys today. The sense of movement, fine motor skills, and a sense for the whole are optimally nurtured when the individual pieces are put together, the objects carefully observed and moved in the hand. The sense of touch and the sense of life and the play of tension and relaxation lend an experience of recreation and satisfaction. Latest studies on brain research show that movement of the fingers has a direct correlation with brain development. Thus playing with the branchling, Greifling, rattleback and oloid provide a good counterpoint to the one-sided movements of the hands on the computer keyboard.


We work with wood from trees in which the unique individual creativity of nature comes to expression. The stones are of Philippine marble. At Bildekraft, we offer you products for all age groups which try to keep and even stress the design of Nature.